Meet Akshata

With around 10,000+ pictures captured, I continue my photographic journey one click at a time! Born in a metro city of India called Pune, I took up photography at a very early age! I got formal education in Applied Arts and then took formal training in Photography in Pune, India and from the New York Institute of Photography, NY. This training in photography and my natural inclination towards art edged me forward on my course to clicking pictures!

I have successfully captured and covered multiple events over the last 6 years including traditional Indian weddings, Portfolio shoots, indoor and outdoor photoshoots, baby photoshoots and a lot more. You can get a glimpse into some of my work in the photo gallery section!

I recently moved to the scenic and extrememly beautiful Bay Area in San Francisco, California. Going out on photographic walks has become a daily routine for me now! Go to the contact page for more details on how you can reach me!

Follow me on Instagram where you will be able to enjoy a beautiful range of pictures, which will also give you a sneek peek into my personal life. Some iPhone shots and some pretty selfies, you will see it all!